Our programs could not run without our amazing volunteers! Our volunteers play a very significant role in helping us have the impact we do in our community. Your passion, leadership, and positive example get our participants excited to try new things, step outside of their comfort zones, expand their horizons and positively shape their lives!

What are we looking for?

Though the majority of our volunteers support with program delivery, we have a variety of way that volunteers can get involved! 

Program Volunteer: We are always looking for passionate individuals that want to come out and share their love for the activities we do while also being a positive leader, role model and mentor for our participants. We ask that our program volunteers be able to commit to attending one session per week for the duration of the program (generally, programs are 4 - 7 weeks long) to allow for relationships to develop and grow, as this is where we see our programs have the most impact on our youth!

We are looking for individuals that already participate in our sports and have their own equipment to use during program. For Learn to Shred, having a season pass at Big White for the winter is a big help in keeping our costs down so we can put more money into our participants. If you would like to be a program volunteer, please indicate which programs are of interest to you on your Volunteer Application!

Class 4 Driver: We utilize volunteers with a valid Class 4 Driver's Licence in all of our programming, year-round. If you have a Class 4 Licence and would like to drive with any of our above programs, please let us know on your Volunteer Application! You can drive and participate as a program volunteer, once at the program location, or just focus on the driving.

Event Volunteer: Our event volunteers support with event preparation and facilitation (ie. taking tickets, food prep, food/drink service, etc.).  If you would like to be an event volunteer, let us know on your Volunteer Application.

Media Capture Volunteer: Our Media Capture volunteers attend our programs to create photo and video content that we can use to provide to program participants and use for our social media and marketing future programs! You can capture media and participate as a program volunteer, or just focus on getting good shots! Though, we do ask that you still participate in building mentorship relationships with the youth. If you have experience with photo/video capturing and editing, we could utilize your skills during and after our programs - please indicate if you are interested in being a media capture volunteer on your Volunteer Application!

*If you have any other professional skills or interests and would be interested in helping us out in other ways, please get in touch at [email protected]!

What is required to volunteer with Elevation Outdoors?

All of our volunteers must complete a Volunteer Application. If you are applying to be a program volunteer, we will also require a Criminal Record Check. If you are applying to be a driver, we will need proof of your Class 4 Driver’s Licence as well as your driving record. 

If you are interested in becoming a program volunteer, we ask that you complete the following trainings. Priority will be given to volunteers who have completed them - once you have submitted your Volunteer Application, information on how to access these trainings will be sent to you.

  • ‘Working with Youth and Exploring Group Dynamics’ - online, Zoom training provided by our Program Leader and Program & Volunteer Coordinator (2 hours, runs multiple times per year in the months leading up to each program)
  • ‘Respect in Sport’ trainings x4 - self-paced, online training program through Jumpstart
  • Concussion Awareness Training Tool - self-paced, online

Why Volunteer with Elevation Outdoors?

"Elevation Outdoors has impacted my life in a number of positive, exciting and profound ways, some of which I could not have anticipated when starting. I have observed and experienced the tremendous positive ways in which outdoor physical activity and sport can directly impact the lives of youth in our community.

Many of these experiences have been very emotional for me, and on occasion have brought tears to my eyes. Their smiles, enthusiasm and joy while doing the sports, along with increased self- esteem and improved physical and mental wellbeing, say it all. The benefits for the youth are beyond being measurable and are hugely gratifying for both participants and volunteers alike."

- John, Elevation Outdoors Volunteer


Volunteering with Elevation Outdoors is a great way to get outside while doing activities you love and passing along your passion for these activities to youth! We work with a wide variety of youth, many who are struggling with life’s challenges and may not otherwise get the opportunity to participate in these sports without our support. Our volunteers have found meaning in building relationships with these youth, being a model and mentor to them, and increasing their experience working with youth from all types of backgrounds. 

Whether you’re working towards being an outdoor guide or instructor, program facilitator, recreational therapy, or coach, the experience gained in Elevation is invaluable. We also see a lot of volunteers that are pursuing work in the social work, psychology, restorative justice, or teaching fields who gain experience working with groups of youth, many of whom struggle with mental health challenges, low-income barriers, or connection to probation, restorative justice or MCFD programs. 

Elevation is a great way to gain volunteer hours, experience working with youth (both one-on-one and in a group), and certification in trainings (which you can utilize when seeking jobs and education). It also allows you to build long-lasting relationships by joining a community of like-minded staff and volunteers!

Our volunteers get the fulfillment of seeing a youth succeed and benefit from a relationship with a positive adult. Seeing the positive effect that outdoor physical activity and relationship building has on the mental and physical health of the youth in our programs is the biggest reward our volunteers gain.

If you value physical activity, being outdoors and want to give youth the opportunity to do the same, Elevation Outdoors may just be the perfect volunteer opportunity for you! 

When do we need help?

Learn to Shred Snowboarding Program: runs from January - March, each year. We offer 3 snowboarding programs during these months and are seeking volunteers who can commit to 1 day a week for the duration of a program (generally 4 weeks long)! Learn more about Learn to Shred here!

Get a Grip Rock Climbing Program: runs for 4 weeks in May of each year, with a mixture of weekday indoor sessions and weekend outdoor sessions. We are seeking volunteers who can commit to 1 day a week for the duration of the 4-week program. Learn more about Get a Grip here!

Live to Ride Mountain Biking Program: runs for 7 weeks from July to August each year, on two weekday afternoons per week. We also spend two full days riding lift-assisted, downhill trails each summer. We are seeking volunteers who can commit to 1 day a week for the duration of the 7-week program. Learn more about Live to Ride here!

Take a Hike Hiking Program: runs for 4 week in April each year, with two hikes per week on weekday afternoons or Saturdays. We are seeking volunteers who can commit to 1 day a week for the duration of the 4- week program. Learn more about Take a Hike here!

Leaders in Action Leadership Program: is our 10-month long, all-sport, skill-building program that gets our older youth involved in all of our sports as well as in leadership, volunteering, and fundraising skills. The program runs from the end of August until June each year, with 1-2 sessions per week. You can volunteer for a certain activity (ie. just with rock climbing), a semester. (ie. Sept - Dec, once a week), or for the entire program if you participate in all of our activities! It's a great way to build strong relationships with youth over a longer period of time. Learn more about Leaders in Action here!

Drivers: we utilize volunteers with a valid Class 4 Driver's Licence in all of our programming, year-round. If you have a Class 4 Licence and would like to drive with any of our above programs, please let us know! You can drive and participate as a program volunteer, once at the location, or just focus on the driving.

Events: we are always seeking volunteer to join our Event Committee and help us run the various events we have running throughout the year, including On the Lawn, Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival, Wild and Scenic Film Festival, the Great Kelowna Scavenger Hunt, and other various community events throughout the year.

More Info

If you want to learn more, please send our Program and Volunteer Coordinator an email at [email protected] so we can help you get involved! If you're already interested in volunteering, you can apply online at the green button above ('Apply to Volunteer Now').