Adult Clinics

  These mountain bike clinics help support our Core programs by allowing us to earn revenue that supports our scholarship seats for our Live to Ride programs. Email to let us know you’re interested, and we will send you details as we add more clinics over the summer!

2 Day Elevate Your Ride clinic

April 27-28 @ Knox Mountain

Ready to take your mountain biking to the next level? This 2-day mountain bike clinic is designed for riders comfortable on green and blue trails who want to build confidence and conquer more challenging terrain.

This camp is perfect for you if:

  • You’re comfortable riding green and blue trails but want to improve your skills.
  • You feel you’ve plateaued and want to tackle more challenging terrain.
  • You want to build confidence and become a more efficient rider.
  • You’re looking for a fun and supportive learning environment.

As we ride the beautiful Knox Mountain trails you will develop your skills to handle the various terrain. From flowy single track to riding bumps and berms our PMBI certified instructors are there every step of the way. Our instructors will get you started by focusing on the foundations of mountain biking, including body position, balance, braking, and cornering to give you a solid foundation to develop your skills.

Our goal is to not only have you develop your skills on a mountain bike, but to help you develop confidence in your own abilities so that you can challenge yourself and push outside your comfort zone to see what you are truly capable of.

Day One: Build Your Foundation

Master the Basics: Hone your body position, balance, and range of motion for improved control and comfort on the bike. Practice drills that build confidence and prepare you for the trails.

Braking Like a Boss: Forget death grips! Learn controlled braking techniques with both front and rear brakes, including feathering and skid control (in a safe area) for confident descents.

Conquer Any Climb: Develop efficient climbing techniques to tackle hills with ease. Master gear selection, maintain smooth cadence, and conquer inclines with power.

Fun Trail Ride: Put your newfound skills to the test on a beginner-friendly green trail. Our instructors will be there to provide helpful feedback and keep the ride fun and engaging.

Day Two: Put it All Together

Sharpen Your Skills: Briefly revisit key techniques like body position, braking modulation, and climbing efficiency, ensuring you’re ready to tackle more challenging terrain.

Terrain Awareness Masterclass: Learn to “read” the trail. Develop terrain awareness to anticipate rocks, roots, drops, and other features. Our instructors will teach you where to look and how to react confidently to changing terrain.

Cornering with Confidence: Master the “Low Lean Look” technique for smooth and controlled cornering. Practice on gentle berms and gradually progress, conquering turns with newfound skill.

Minimum group size needed to run the program: 3

Maximum in program: 5

Dates – April 27+28, 2024 from 9:30am – 2:00pm(with 30 min lunch break)

Cost : $300/person
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We will strive to build groups based on skill, but if you can organize a group of 4-5 friends of the same level it can help create a great atmosphere of learning and fun with your friends!

  • For riders 19+ looking to learn to mountain bike in a supportive environment.
  • If you need a bike you get 50% off from Kelowna Bike Rentals at the base of Knox Mountain. Let us know in advance to arrange the discount.
  • If providing your own bike it must have front suspension, disk brakes, and be in good working order.

What is included?

  • Instruction from our PMBI certified instructor
  • Two 4 hour lessons at Knox Mountain
  • A positive environment to improve your skills in.
  • A whole lot of fun!

With over 15 years of experience delivering mountain bike programs here in Kelowna, Elevation Outdoors is one of the longest running learn to mountain bike programs in the Okanagan.  Proceeds from these camps help Elevation Outdoors cover the costs of scholarship seats in our Live to Ride program for youth that may not otherwise have an opportunity to mountain bike.

For more information call our team at 250-870-9094 or email [email protected]