Leaders in Action Program

10 months of adventures and outdoor pursuits.

*Our 2021 Leaders in Action program is now open for registration. If you are interested in this program, please click the APPLY NOW button and fill out an application! The 2021 Leaders in Action program will start in mid-September with a 2-night overnight camping trip!

This program is a well-rounded experience-based program aimed at giving youth an opportunity to try adventures and outdoor pursuits, and gain valuable volunteer experience with the same consistent group of youth and leaders throughout the year. All of the outdoor sports we offer are included in this program, young outdoor enthusiasts are sure to be satisfied by the variety and depth of experiences offered throughout the year!

The program starts each September with an overnight trip to provide all participants an opportunity to bond and get to know one another and our leaders. The remainder of the year is broken up into 3 semesters: Sept - Dec, Jan - March, and April - June. We will wrap the year up with a larger overnight trip that is planned and organized by the participants as a way to wrap things up and demonstrate all the skills they have developed. Included in the program is instruction for each sport from certified instructors as well as we cover provide all the required equipment and cover costs like lift tickets and rentals as well as transportation to and from each day’s activity.

Applications for the 2021/22 program are being accepted! Use the APPLY  NOW link or email us at info@elevationoutdoors.ca


A quick video of our 2020 overnight trip to start the program:

Semester One focuses on hiking and rock climbing for physical skills along with trip planning and community engagement. Time will also be spent volunteering and event planning with a focus on raising funds to cover the costs of the year end trip. Participants will enjoy 6 days of hiking, 2 days of outdoor climbing, 6 days of indoor climbing and some snowshoeing throughout this semester with other activities and learning sessions mixed in to round out the experience.

Semester Two will focus on snowboarding and winter survival as the hard skills.  Job shadowing will begin and work on the year end trip will continue.  Participants will also be expected to share their snowboard skills they have developed with our Learn to Shred program through volunteering.  Participants will enjoy 8 days of learning to snowboard, some winter survival skill development, and 2-3+ days of snowboarding and volunteering with our Learn to Shred program for some more time on the snow.  We will also continue to work on the trip planing and fundraising needed for a successful year end trip.

Semester Three will focus on rock climbing and mountain biking as well as the end of year trip as hard skills.  There will also be some community engagement and volunteering with the final round of job shadowing within the community.  Participants will enjoy 2-4 days of hiking, 1-2 more days of outdoor climbing, as well as 8-12 days of mountain biking along with some extra days of climbing through volunteering with our Get a Grip climbing program to help others learn to climb.


  • Youth will take part in all Elevation Outdoors’ activities during the year, including Climbing, Hiking, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, plus additional activities of snowshoeing, outdoor winter survival, trail building.
  • Volunteering will also be a part of the program on a regular basis via helping with younger youth in our core programs, helping at fundraisers, and aiding other organizations with outdoor trail maintenance.
  • Job shadowing will also be a focus for youth so they can explore different industries and see where their career interest may lie.
  • The group will learn to take control of their own finances and direction by designing and executing their own fundraiser to fund an end of year camping trip.

Cost /Available Spaces

  • Only 2 paid spots available for 2020/21 at a cost of $2995 per seat - we will reassess the amount of spots available in 2021, based on next year's COVID recommendations.
  • 7 seats being available on scholarship for youth that meet our eligibility criteria. Scholarships cover 100% of the costs to participate - we will reassess the amount of spots available in 2021, based on next year's COVID recommendations.
  • Partial funding may be available for families that do not meet scholarship criteria
  • Fundraising opportunities can be used to reduce the financial burden as well
  • Payment plan to pay monthly or by semester possible.


  • Year round 10 month program - September to June
  • Average of 6-8 meetings per month

Selection Criteria

  • 15 - 18 years old (if the participant is turning 15 early in the program we will consider applications as well)
  • Current interest in outdoor sports and pursuits is a benefit but not required
  • Desire to gain career and/or experience in outdoor leadership
  • Would benefit from positive influences and mentors
  • Shows interest in community minded leadership


If you would like to learn more about the program, please email info@elevationoutdoors.ca. and we will be happy to arrange a time to chat.

To register for the Leaders in Action program please download the registration package below or follow the online registration link above to register online.

  Download Leaders in Action Registration Package

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We are looking for individuals and companies that would like to sponsor one or more seats in the program to allow youth from all backgrounds an opportunity to take park in this program.


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