Fight for the Community is on! Support your Hero as they raise funds for 2 great causes.

We are thrilled to be able to work with the team from Mad Katz Boxing and Los Gatos Locos to bring back this exciting event for 2021.  With approval being received to run the event, and the 3-round hero’s training each week, this should be another awesome show!  Support your champion, or just pick one to support and know the money raised is helping those in our community that can use an extra bit of support to help them be their best!

Support Your Champion Here

At Elevation Outdoors we are firm believers in the power of physical recreation and the positive impacts it can have on a persons life.  In 2019 we partnered with Geoff Lawrence and the team at Los Gatos Locos Boxing and Fitness Club to support their Community Outreach Program which provides support to men and women in the community.  “Building a stronger community through supporting men and women in recovery from addictions” is the goal of the program says Lawrence.  To be able to support programs for youth to help prevent mental health issues or addictions at the same time as supporting those who have struggled with addictions and are now working to get back on track


Watch the video below to hear first hand from some of the women that benefited from the program in 2019.


If you would like to get involved the event is currently seeking up to 20 ‘3-round heroes‘ from the community who are interested in hopping in the ring to raise money for a great cause.  Fighters from the community will be trained by the experienced team at Los Gatos Locos so they are well prepared for their debut in the ring when we can all gather together again.  The goal is that each of the 3-round heroes raises $1,500 to support the outreach programs for those in need in our community.

This year the community outreach program will be supporting individuals from Freedom’s Door, Karis Support Society and Ozanam Recovery House.   Part of the proceeds from the event also assist Elevation Outdoors in our efforts to provide access to specially designed outdoor recreation programs for youth.  By helping youth find a healthy passion it can prevent them from needing to access the services of the other beneficiaries later in life.

To get tickets or to sign up to be one of the amazing 3-Round Heroes contact the event organizer Geoff Lawrence at

Support Your Champion Here